Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Who am I?

So here I am. Just the average nerdy computer bloke, workin full time for a unnamed american company (by the name <**censored**>), spending my free time the usual way. I cant say I am very much like the 'John Smith' protype, but I dont think I am that different. Well I am not American. And I dont live in America. Living in Central Europe I have sometimes the feeling like I am living behind the moon. Can't say that it makes me ecstatic or feeling poor, it is just that it seems that all the important things that happen in the world are allways happening somewhere else. This statement might give you the impression that I live in a very cool, solid, peacefull place and I am very sorry to shatter this impression, but alas it is not the case. It is just that whatever happens here is kinda not really important for the rest of the planet. Although on rare ocasions the surface of the world news gets broken by something that happens here, but those are really rare ocasions.

Now back to the topic (I really have to stop losing the thread of thought):
I am a guy who could be described as a bloke(dude, man, boy, whatever) who is a realist with a slightly pessimistic outlook on things happening around him. Well sometimes I do feel like a foolish optimist, so I guess that makes me a full scale pessimist. I guess the best description of the situation was offered by a friend of mine who commented when someone called me a pessimist "Yeah, he is a pessimist, but he tends to be right!". Now what does that make me? Dont know. Dont care? Not really, there was a time when that really did not bother me. Well it was around the time when there really was not very much bothering me, not that life was so easy, it is just that I really did not care. They say, that with age one gets wiser, I grew worrier. Things started to bother me, I started to care. I guess I am still not at the end of the journey, especially as there are more and more things that do get my attention and then get me angry, because although I know that the matter/thing is important, I still dont care. It is a funny feeling to be angry/agitated/feeling bad about not caring about something important instead of having those feelings about the important thing, but I guess that is just my way.

Did this tell you anything about me? Hope so. If not ... I dont care. Hmmm. No seriously, I do care, at least I think so.

Now what will I be writing about? Dunno. Stuff. Things that get me angry/agitated/interested enough to write something, to get the things off my mind or just to put my feelings and opinions somewhere other than the depts of my soul/mind.

So lets just see what the future brings.


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