Friday, June 02, 2006

Freaky Friday

So here it is again ...... Freaky Friday. If there is a better description of a day when Mr. Murphy really kicks ass, then somebody will have to let me in on that particular secret. This is a day when really nothing goes right, although I should probably describe this one as a "Freaky 48 hours before the weekend" as all the freaky troubling things started out already on Thursday.
The first really maddening thing that made my day was that the Windows Vista Beta2 I have successfully downloaded (with an painfully slow average speed of 18kB/s and a total size of 4100,9 MB) got left at home. To be true I just wanted to save some time and effort on the part of a colleague who brought me in on the betatesting and burn him a copy, so that he does not have to download it again. Well the slight little problem with that is that one needs juice and equipment to execute the actual copy. Well I guess I am one of those who are on the better side of it all when it comes to equipment, but this particular morning the nice and very friendly Power distribution company (a monopoly of course) has decided that I obviously don't need any juice and turned it off. I will not go into speculating what the reason for this might have been, the result was, that my went down the hard way, about a minute after I booted it up, and remained so. As it was time to leave for work anyway, I just cursed a bit and went to brush my teeth in the dark. Once I was dressed and about to leave the flat, the juice came back, so I see this as just another injustice on the trackrecord of the universe.
The day itself was not exactly a mess, but the usual "situations" at work and similar stuff had me on the edge for most of the day. Of course, the only real problem that occurred this fine Thursday had to be while I was at lunch (although I have to admit that the lunchbreak was a bit longer than usual).
I can't say that the situation developed very positively, as once I brought the nice little 4GB image of Windows Vista Beta2 to the office and burned it, I had to find out that the version is only for 64-bit systems and will not work on 32bit ones. I guess I really should start reading the fineprint more carefully. Although at this point it seems to be a real problem (not really, huh?), it is not. It is just sad, that I hoped to save some time and effort for someone and then botch it up like this. Well at least it is the correct version for my PC.
The next nice thing that got me going was again work related and sorry folks, I just can't go into details on that one, all I can say, that once again I will be looking like a fool in the end. What a surprise!
And now for the nice little thing that got me going for real, that really made my day sparkling, shining and highlighted in the calendar for eternity, was Valleyschwag.
It isn't just that they changed the form of the blog section of their page, it was mostly the content of the blog, especially the one about the May Issue of the carepackage. It seems that I am not the only one to feel betrayed by the content of the package, as it seems that all those fine "deputy's" and active bloggers get their packages significantly fuller than the rest. To be honest, I am not really in the position to judge, as my package has not yet arrived, but as I am a pessimist and I am neither a deputy nor a very active blogger, I presume the content of my package will be on the rather slim side. The funny part of the whole thing is that, that it seems that all the people with the full packages got theirs before all the others and to depict my feeling truthfully, I have the bad feeling that the packages for those of us, who are from farther away, have been sent out last (or at least later). I am not the only one to observe, that this kinda brings around a feeling of false advertising. I have to say that it has been stated in the Valleyschwags blog, that the deputies and active bloggers will get the rare stuff, but for someone that does not browse the blog, nor does anything other than sign up, pay and wait for his/hers package, with the occasional glance at the blogs depicting the content of the current issue the actual content may come as a nasty shock.
I guess I am just reflecting the feelings others have about the schwag that they already got, but I have to say that, as good/great/excited feelings I had once I found out that the schwag is already shipping and as great the feelings became once I have seen some of the contents on some other blogs, so bad/disappointed/down I am feeling right now after reading some of the blogs and some of the reactions on the Valleyschwag blog. And mine has not even arrived yet. Well I guess I will see for myself once it arrives and that the June package will really be "kick-ass" as promised.
I hope I that all the "good news" and "good deeds" had enough for today and I will have a nice and peaceful weekend. Hope never dies, huh?


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