Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Dumbass Activity"

While doing my regular daily check of my favorite blogs I found a nice little piece of evidence on the fact that this world is in fact going down the drain.

So, law offices and lawyers are now preemptively warning people/websites that they will be monitoring them as they are anticipating the possible unauthorized streaming and downloading of copyrighted content their clients hold the copyrights to. In this particular case the matter is the 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP, the law office of Baker & McKenzie LLP in London and the pre-warned website is BoingBoing. Anyone who does spend time on, or “closely monitors” BoingBoing knows or should know that there is no way that the fine people of BoingBoing would be interested in something like pro soccer (or any other pro sport) and would infringe on someone else’s copyright for the matter. I guess that the fear of copyright infringement is somewhat clouding the minds of lawyers of the above mentioned law office.

Well guess what? The internet will be full of that copyrighted content once your client customers stream their feeds across the TV’s of private people throughout the entire World. You should know by know, that any signal set free (yes, even TV signal) remains free in the sense, that there is no way for you to stop the people from sharing their recordings among each other. Well you could try to buy all VHS tapes, all digitizers, all CD-R/RWs and all DVD+-R/RWs or ,even better, not set the signal free and let only PayTVs broadcast the World cup. But if they want to be really sure that absolutely no content of theirs gets to the net they should probably stop all TV stations from broadcasting the games, remove all the cameras from the stadiums, ban all recordable devices from those few people that will have a ticket to a game and frisk them to check if they are compliant with the ban. Would be nice what that would do to their revenues from advertisement, product placement, etc. and of course their income from selling the licenses to broadcast to TV stations. There is still another way, they can sue every website that will allegedly host some of their content or sue every manufacturer of recording equipment that might be used to infringe on THEIR copyrights.

So I suggest you(Infront Sports & Media group of companies) do your regular business and get rich on the income you usually make and leave the people who are not interested in your *shit*, in peace.


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