Sunday, June 04, 2006

Extra Noise in my Rig.

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I have added a second graphics card to my gaming rig, pics available at flickr and though I expected some extra noise it became a nasty surprise that this extra noise did not come from the extra graphics card, but from the chipset cooler instead. So right now I am running a 2x6600GT SLI rig and when I fire up the big rig the noise from that tiny little fan just kills all the fun. For a pretty new fan of less than 4 months it became quite loud. When I installed it and first turned the machine on, I was surprised that it was not to hear, even as it is spinning at over 5000 rpm. Now just gets louder and louder.

If there is someone with a good suggestion on a silent NF4-SLI cooler, drop me a mail, please.


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