Friday, June 09, 2006

Valleyschwag 0, Disappointment 1

As the second week of June took its ending (well, the work week) and no carepackage arrived, the level of my disappointment hit historical marks. My sister is leaving tomorrow morning and there was nothing to pimp her laptop PC out. No EFF sticker, no Goatse hands, nil. Very sad. To tell the truth I am quite hard to disappoint as being a realist(with a pessimistic streak) by nature, I rarely get negatively surprised or really disappointed. But this time, I guess, all those little traces of optimism, that might be in me, had to cooperate, think positive thoughts and generally do everything in their might to keep my usual realism/pessimism at bay.

I guess next time they will know better than that.

So know with the usual amount of realism/pessimism and some coolheaded reflection, I think, I can state that with a high level of probability I will not see my June package in June. And with an even higher level of probability it is safe to assume that in the case that my May package wont arrive by June 29th, my subscription will disappear.


Blogger Jonathan said...

We're as disappointed as you. This was our first shipment to Slovakia, and we hoped it would be as zippy getting there as it is to the U.K. And alas, we don't get a tracking number with USPS international shipments. However, we remember hand-delivering your package to the post office.

Hopefully our collective disappointment will fade next week as your package arrives. And as we've mentioned, we're sending out international packages first next time...

8:43 PM  

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