Sunday, June 11, 2006

Valleyschwag - feelings and realizations

It seems that I finally got some nice people to read my blog. I cant say it comes as a surprise, but it is a nice felling. It also showed me that I might have gone a bit overboard with my last post, so maybe there is still time to do some fencemending and some corrections.

I titled my last post "Valleyschwag 0, Disappointment 1" though the proper label should have been more something like Postal services 0, Disappointment 1. The point is, I don't think anyone would have read had any idea from the title itself, what am I writing about. It still does not make this title right, though it made the post read. Even by the nice people at Valleyschwag. I think I am trying to apologize to them, here, as the title of the post might suggest that I am blaming them for the failures of the postal services (probably the failure of the p-o-s local service) and for the geographical fact represented in the distance between their offices and Slovakia's capital.

But it still does not change the fact that I am disappointed, although it does help a lot to know that the crew at Valleyschwag feels the same way, I mean they hand delivered my package to the post office (now that's service, boys and girls, that is service). And it still does not change the realistic/pessimistic coolheaded realization that I might cancel my subscription. Although the blame there falls again on the the postal services, should this really happen. It shows once more that though everybody here talks about ONE Europe, there is still a long way to a time when quality of services will be the same in the U.K./Germany/France kind of Europe as in the Slovakia/Czech republic/Hungary/Poland kind.

As I read Jonathans (Valleyschwag crew) comment to my previous post and realized, I should write the lines above, I thought that I should name the post "Realizations". During the creation of those very lines I came to the conclusion that the title should once again be something where you, my dear readers (I am not gonna name the three of you, it seems so lame to me, I might forget to name someone and then there I am, hurting someone's feelings again) can see straight out what the post is gonna be about. I guess I did not do as good a job as last time, but this was the best I could come up with.

Thank you Jonathan for your comment and let me say, I once again shield myself in patience and hope that next week, the package arrives.


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