Thursday, June 15, 2006

Vacation Ends

I was on vacation.

Actually I am on vacation, though I don’t feel like that. I mean I live across the street from the place I work at and that kinda sucks. It is pretty cool in matters of fuel consumption (boots don’t need much gas) and in time spent traveling to and from work. On the other hand, if something needs your attention at work, or you need something from work, then it is also close. In modern times, with laptops, instant messaging, e-mail and mobile phones the workplace is technically where YOU are. Even while on vacation. So I am on vacation. That means I was at work only three times in the last 7 workdays. That is I was there in person. I don’t count the phone calls and ICQ is pretty much an inseparable part of my life. Not that I would mind the contact that much, but after these 7 days I just don’t feel like I was on vacation. I took the vacation because I needed to shut down a bit, step back and relax. That is a goal that got met, but I just don’t feel like that.

I slept well(and a lot), watched a lot of movies, tried to Betatest the nice and new Windows Vista Beta2, reinstalled my old XP installation as the nice and new Vista managed to kill it before dying. I still can’t figure out how data can get corrupted by being read, but I guess I will never find out.

I managed to solve the problem with the noisy chipset cooler by replacing it with a new one (same type, just new) and while at it I went and did some general computer silencing. New CPU cooler, new GPU cooler (I am running SLI, so I had to silence two cards, but one was done some time ago), new exhaust vent on the case and voila …. silence.

I did some shopping, managed a couple of things that needed to be done.

And that was it.

Vacation Ends


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