Thursday, July 06, 2006

Valleyschwag - still a no show.

June '06 is over. Done for, gone forever. And my first Valleyschwag carepackage is still somewhere out there. I guess the faith I've put into the postal services of the 21st century was incredibly wasted. No normal country can work and exist without a halfway decent and working postal service, and that is exactly it, our postal service barely fulfills the "halfway decent" part. On the other hand, given the results of the last election, held on June 17th, there is some doubt whether we can count as a normal country. It is not an explanation why things are the way they are, but it delivers some idea to "where my frackin package is". The positive side of the whole thing is the reaction I got from the Valleyschwag team, that is probably more concerned about the whereabouts of my package than I am. Though I am pretty sure the Post here does not give a rats rearend about their concerns either. So right now I belong to the small group of people whose waiting for the package did not stop and start again, as the June package is already out, but did not stop at all and goes on without delay. Although I have a dark feeling that the group of continuous expectants consist only of me, but I will be an optimist and think its a group of more than one poor soul.


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